Brookline & Boston, MA

Durham, CT

When we're not recording sample libraries, we're recording everything and anything else. Our gear is hand-picked for its versatility, portability, and great sound.


I've personally engineered over 70 sampling and recording sessions over the past five years, from guitars to gayageums, ophicleides to oboes, and I look forward to helping you capture your sound the way it deserves.


In addition to traditional microphones, we also use ambisonic microphones for location recording, providing enormous post-production benefits like allowing tweaking to polar patterns and surround mixes after recording.


Antelope Orion Studio Rev. 2017

Focus Clarett Octopre

2x Aston Spirit (LDC)

2x WA-47jr (LDC)

2x WA-14 (LDC)

1x WA-47 (Tube LDC)

4x Rode NT5 (SDC) incl. Omni capsules

4x Antelope Verge (SDC) modeling mic
Royer R101

Shure Hercules (1950's dictation mic)

2x Shure 545SD

Shure SM57 & PE 56D

AKG D112


Core Sound TetraMic (Ambisonic)

Rode SF-1 (Ambisonic)


Adobe Audition, Harrison Mixbus, Cakewalk Sonar

Airturn and Manfrotto Stands

Custom Cables by Dan Getty Cables

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