Brookline & Boston, MA

Durham, CT

When we're not recording sample libraries, we're recording everything and anything else. Our gear is hand-picked for its versatility, portability, and great sound.


I've personally engineered over 120 sampling and recording sessions over the past seven years, from guitars to gayageums, ophicleides to oboes, and I look forward to helping you capture your sound the way it deserves.


In addition to traditional microphones, we also use ambisonic microphones for location recording, providing enormous post-production benefits like allowing tweaking to polar patterns and surround mixes after recording.


Antelope Orion Studio Rev. 2017

Antelope Zen Studio+

Zoom F6 32-bit 6-ch. Recorder

Samar VL-373A Stereo Ribbon Mic

2x Aston Spirit (LDC)

2x WA-14 (LDC)

1x WA-47 (Tube LDC)

4x Rode NT5 (SDC) incl. Omni capsules

2x Aston Starlights

2x Blue Hummingbirds
2x Royer R121

2x Shure 545SD

AKG D112


Core Sound TetraMic (Ambisonic)

Rode SF-1 (Ambisonic)


Adobe Audition, Harrison Mixbus, Cakewalk Sonar

Airturn and Manfrotto Stands

Custom Cables by Dan Getty Cables

Demo Reel

Hear some of our recent recordings on our demo reel, located here.


While we primarily record classical, jazz, and chamber music, we're happy to work with you to achieve a very high quality regardless of genre or style.

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